About Us

Communications and Spectrum Management Research Center (ISYAM) is founded in 1994 as a Research Center of Bilkent University. Center is mainly involved in issues at the intersection of Telecommunications and Information Technology. A number of projects in this area are completed in the Center.

ISYAM both employs personnel and consultants specific to the current projects, and academic personnel of the University, as demanded by the activities of the Center. ISYAMalso makes full use of the university facilities (computer network, library, etc.).

The projects done in ISYAM had always been in the form of finding information technological solutions to problems that contain both administrative and technical matters. Among the projects handled, the biggest ones are Radio and TV spectrum planning of Turkey andNational Frequency Management System (which includes the entire automation of all licensing and spectrum management activities of Turkish Telecommunications Authority as well as spectrum engineering tools).

Expert technical personnel of ISYAM have a very high level of skills in all aspects of system SW engineering in UNIX, WINDOWS and NT platforms, in database design and implementation at all scales in ORACLE, Sybase, Informix, Access, etc. (presently Sybase Power Builder/Power Designer is used as development platform on Oracle), in the management and processing of spatial data at all scales on GIS (presently Intergraph and TNTmips GIS systems are used), in mapping, surface modeling and processing of auxiliary 3-D data on or under (using low level programming languages and job specific processing algorithms) GIS.ISYAM employs a high resolution demographic database as well as surface models at various scales in present projects. Data collected by various institutions are compiled, verified, formatted and fused into a unified demographic spatial database in ISYAM. In these aspects of information technology the skills of the Center is rated highest.

The major motivation for the existence of ISYAM is not only to confine its efforts to the communications- information technology interface but to mobilize the Center’s unique knowledge, skills and experience on SW, large scale database design and implementation, spatial database generation, GIS, large scale project management, together with the extensive expertize available in Bilkent University, to other projects which require multidisiplinary approach.

Presently ISYAM is developing the National Frequency Management System (NFMS) as part of the National Monitoring System (NMS) for General Directorate of Radiocommunications of Turkey. The Principle tasks of the NMS are:

  • Supervision of the radio signals,
  • Measurement of spectrum occupancy,
  • Measurement of technical parameters,
  • Measurement of radio and TV broadcast transmissions,
  • Determination of infringements,
  • Determination of radio coverage areas,
  • Interference analysis,
  • Location of illegal radio stations,
  • Gathering statistical data for frequency management purposes.

The system comprises one National Control Center and seven Regional Monitoring Centers. There are numerous fixed and transportable regional remote stations, direction finding and monitoring stations and two mobile broadcast measurement vehicles.

NFMS contains the spectrum engineering support as well as the database for the licencing, monitoring, frequency management, accounting and other functions of the Directorate of Radiocommunications. The spectrum engineering support comprises the technical analysis, interference analysis, frequency planning and assignment, international coordination, system engineering, and other technical duties. The frequency range to be covered is 10 kHz – 40 GHz. The system will be delivered as a turnkey system.