Spectrum Management

The radio frequency spectrum is at the core of the telecommunications industry. Almost all informatics services, from voice and data to television and multi-media screen2communications are dependent upon the radio frequency spectrum.Although the existence of the factors that influence radio frequency spectrum is well known to spectrum experts, they are so complex as to defy exact predictions of what frequencies may be used for which applications, and where they may best be utilized. Fortunately, computer modeling can assist greatly in coping with the complexities of Spectrum Management.

Automated Spectrum Management Systems (ASMS)

The automated spectrum management system of a telecommunication authority may contain four main parts:

1. The Monitoring Equipments/Stations and Measurement Software:
Monitoring equipments/stations are used to perform various measurements in the airwave. These equipments can be fixed or mobile. Manufacturers of these equipments may screen3themselves provide sofware or may prefer order assignment software developed by software companies.İSYAM has developed this software in NMS (National Monitoring System) project for ASELSAN and for Hungary project of Rohde & Schwarz.

2. Measurement Result Evaluation Software:
Measurements obtained by monitoring devices are collected in a database. These screen4measurements then must be evaluated to generate alarms as to whether the measured licensed stations operate within their allowed limits or there exists an unlicensed station operating, or to obtain statistical results. These measurement results may also be used in interference analysis, and frequency planning.

3. Spectrum Engineering System Software:
Technical analysis and planning of radio frequencies are the major activities of a screen5telecommunication authority. These software consists of various modules for different analysis and planning capabilities. Use of digital maps and hence a GIS software is essential. Software developer companies of ASMS provide these software.

4. Management Information System Software:
For automization of various administrative activities related to frequency management of a telecommunication authority, a full-fledged automation software is needed. These screen6administrative activities range from licensing and fee management to equipment standardization and interference complaints management. Reporting, statistical analysis and notification for renewals are inevitable functions of such a software.

ISYAM’s ASMS Software

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